Granite Flooring To Beautify Your Living Room

Granite Flooring To Beautify Your Living Room

Granite flooring – One of the distinctive granite is a display surface that has a tinge sparkle like a crystal . Just like marble , granite is also sensitive to stains . This is due to the granite floor surfaces are porous . In terms of maintenance , granite is more easily handled than marble . For example the use of granite floor this time is in the living room.

Color granite floor that we know among others , black , blue , red , pink , with white patches . The color quality granite flooring can be improved through a process called flame texturing , with the end result more memorable rustic . In the living room using a color scheme that can be customized with your furniture .

Not unlike the ceramic , granite floor in the living room can also be given a glossy finish . But you should be careful when choosing the type of finishing this , because generally the granite becomes more slippery , but after many years usage automatically granite floors will be slippery , so the routine maintenance on the living room should also be done

For the installation of a granite flooring in the living room available in a variety of diverse thickness . You only need to match them with respect to weights that will be accepted . The greater the load received , the greater the thickness of the required dimensions .Given this material is quite expensive , is a wise decision if you submit the installation process on the artisan who has proven expertise.

Treatment granite flooring in living room

Caring for granite flooring in the living room is not as complicated as taking care of marble floors . Enough with conventional treatment steps , with a broom and a mop . You should avoid the use of cleaning tools that are too coarse , such as steel fibers brush or wire brush , if you want your pet granite floors from being scratched . In order for the granite flooring in the living room of your more durable and stay looking good , give a protective layer

Tips use granite flooring for living room

1. Treatment is not as hard as granite marble , so it is suitable for living room floor

2. Installing large granite slab should be done artisan proven expertise

3. The combination of black granite and white marble corridor on floor of living room at one end you can also apply , if you want to assert two different space functions

Excess granite flooring

• The style does not have the same

• Providing luxurious appearance

• Maintenance is not as hard as marble

Disadvantages granite flooring

• The price is fairly expensive

• Easily stained

• Memorable cold and hard