Looking to strengthen and add some beauty to your garage floor? You have the epoxy as a nice option to utilize. But just what is epoxy? What are some of its possible benefits? And how may it be applied? Well, we have prepared concrete resurfacing guide for New York City to answer these and many more relevant questions. Read on to find out more…


Tools and Materials Required

You will first and foremost have to garner these tools and materials:

  • Paint roller
  • Paintbrush
  • Power floor scrubber
  • Rubber boots
  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum
  • Epoxy floor paint

Step-by-step Procedures

Follow these steps now to apply the garage floor epoxy:

Step I: Assess your garage floor

Start out by assessing your garage floor. This simply means skimming your floor to find out where there be any scratches, cracks, inconsistencies, and other forms of damages that may impede the smooth application of the epoxy. It is at this stage that you also level the floor if it is slanted or the need for concrete resurfacing.

Step II: Prep your Floor

Upon assessing your floor, you may have noted some of the issues we have highlighted above. This is the time to deal with them. Fill the cracks, level the surface of the epoxy flooring, and remove any old epoxy if at all it exists. Finish off by cleaning the surface to rid the same of all dirt and other impurities.

Step III: Test the concrete for moisture

You should now assess where there be any notable signs of moisture infestation of the floor. Moisture has a way of weakening the strength of the epoxy not to mention diminishing the life expectancy of the floor altogether. Make use of the efflorescence to find out whether this exists.


Step IV: Clean the garage floor using a vacuum cleaner

Before you commence applying the epoxy, you have to vacuum-clean the floor to eliminate any trace of dust or dirt particles that may remain. Remember, epoxy is very sticky. It is hence likely to capture any debris that falls along its path. Pay particular attention to the greasy residues or oils as they water down the strength of the epoxy.

Step V: Carry out some floor profiling

Profiling the garage floor is the process of exposing the pores that may exist on the concretes to let the epoxy to flow smoothly and make a stronger bond. By profiling, you get to know also how to channel the flow of the epoxy without necessarily wasting too much of the same.

Step VI: Prep the epoxy

At this stage, you should prepare the epoxy prior to applying the same onto the floor. Mix the various components in the correct components and stir thoroughly by the use of a stirring bit or a drill. Ensure that at the tail end of it all, you obtain a completely uniform blend.

Step VII: Apply the epoxy carefully and diligently

Get down to business now. Apply the epoxy carefully and diligently. Brush it around the perimeter of the floor wherein you desire to impact. Then, proceed to the center of the floor. Make several passes for a more uniform and thorough stick. Add some non-skid granules to aid with friction and stability. Leave to dry for some time and carry out concrete polishing.


Most epoxies have a distinctively sharp smell. You should never forget to put on the face masks to spare you of the attendant respiratory tract infections. Plus, it also plays to make several practices to be able to gain the expertise you need to arrive at better outcomes.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Atlanta

Epoxy Floor Coatings Atlanta

Beautiful floors bring the whole room together. You get the sense of life from a previously dull and boring place. They just bring the whole area together. If you are looking to transform your space, then Epoxy Floor Coatings is the way to go. You can use them anywhere you like, from garage floors to commercial offices to industrial places to schools and health care centers. Install them even at your restaurants or hotels. We got you covered in every way. We have a wide variety including flake, metallic, quartz and more that will ensure that you find a piece that suits your liking.

We specialize in providing you with the best services by bringing to you experienced and well-trained epoxy coating installers. They have especially been trained in this field to handle our valuable ingredients and to make your dreams a reality.

There is Epoxy paint and Epoxy Floor Coatings, both are the two variations in epoxy.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Atlanta

Epoxy Paint.

  • This contains very less epoxy and thus is long lasting and trustworthy.
  • Epoxy Paint is applied straight on the floors.
  • This just requires a single coat for use.
  • No hassle of preparing the floors before to apply this.
  • After a few months the original concrete floor does start to show up.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • After the chemical reactions have taken a place a thin plastic material is produced.
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings although take time to cure.
  • The floor coatings are definitely resistant to stains caused by chemicals.
  • The floors are resistant to scratches.
  • You would have to prepare the concrete surface beforehand.
  • This is applied in layers, one upon the other.
  • It is a permanent flooring system with an extended life.

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How to install epoxy floor coating preparations?

You need a properly prepared and set concrete surface before you put on the epoxy floor coating. If there are any cracks or dents or any uneven surfaces, our experts would remove them and make the floor perfectly level. Any grease or oily stains will thus be removed as well, so that no chances are taken in giving you the perfect end product.

Here is the Epoxy Floor Installation Process

To put the epoxy floor coatings, the temperature and the suggestions by the manufacturer are vital to be considered and analyzed. The right temperature would ensure that the coatings cure well, anything above or below would harm the durability and might not get you the right finish. This therefore would ensure that your money is well spent and doesn’t go to waste. The floors would look beautiful and also be sturdy and long-lasting at the same time.

Even though you might find the cost to be higher than other floor coatings but the output of the money you spend will be even higher. This would be an investment you won’t regret. Our professional staff and experienced manufacturers both work hand in hand to give you the experience you will remember. You are bound to enjoy your space the way you imagined.